Table 1

Percentage prevalence for burn injury in three rural municipalities in Nepal, 2017– 2018 (n=1279 households)

Percentage responses*Indrasarowar, Makwanpur
Laxminiya, Dhanusha
Ama Chhodingmo, Rasuwa
Total %95% CI
At least one burn injury1. to 3.7
Who was burned
 Children0. to 1.8
 Total adults0. to 2.4
 Women0. to 2.6
 Men0. to 1.6
Cause of burn
 Flames0. to 1.6
 Scalding1. to 2.2
 Other mechanisms0. to 0.8
Where the burn injury occurred
 At home1. to 3.5
 Away from the home0. to 0.7
Location of injury
 Head and neck0. to 0.7
 Limbs1. to 3.1
 Trunk0. to 0.7
Whether the injury occurred during cooking
 While cooking1. to 3.5
 Other activities0.
  • *Figures have been rounded to one decimal place.