Table 4

Univariate analysis of secondhand smoking, GYTS Greece 2013

Secondhand smoke in enclosed public places in the past 7 days
Absolute numbersWeighted percentageRR95% CIP value*
 Male981/164459.30.850.80 to 0.90<0.001
Age group (years)
Father’s education
 University or above765/115566.5NANA0.137†
 High school312/49662.2
 Εlementary or less164/27359.2
Mother’s education
 University or above899/132068.0NANA0.013†
 High school253/40762.0
 Elementary or less113/19058.3
 Athens—Attica940/143765.31.020.94 to 1.100.662
 Rest of country (ROC)1224/189664.2Ref
Pocket money
See parents smoking in the home
 Both parents590/79475.0NANA<0.001
Banning smoking in public places
 Yes1882/286865.11.050.98 to 1.120.122
Accept a tobacco product offered by a best friend
 Yes124/15680.21.261.16 to 1.36<0.001
  • 2 test for trend.

  • †Pearson's χ2 test.

  • GYTS, Global Youth Tobacco Survey; NA, not applicable; RR, relative risk.