Table 9

National guideline recommendations infantile colic

Recommendation/suggestionUK 2013 2017*USA 2015†Ireland 2014‡
Clinician evaluation of mother and baby
Parenting information, advice, support and reassurance
Continue breast feeding
Maternal diet modification
Change formula if formula fed (+unless milk allergy identified)✕+
Probiotic supplements (++breastfed-only infants)✓++
Simethicone (eg, infacol)
Herbal supplements (eg, fennel)
Proton pump inhibitors (eg, omeprazole, Losec)
Lactase (eg, Co-lief drops)
Anitcholinergic medication (including dicyclomine)
Gripe water
Medicine generally
Infant massage
Manual therapy (including spinal manipulation and cranial osteopathy)
Physical contact (eg, holding, rocking)
White noise
Sleep routine
  • Blank boxes indicate no recommendation or suggestion made not considered or reported. Ticks indicate recommended interventions; cross indicates non-recommended interventions.

  • *UK NICE Clinical Knowledge Summary Infant Colic 2017 and Postnatal care: routine postnatal care of women and their babies (NICE Guideline, 2015).

  • †USA 2015 American Academy of Family Physicians (

  • ‡Ireland: Irish College of General Practitioners (