Table 7

Summary of meta-analyses of treatments for infant colic measured by number of crying episodes

AuthorInterventionTime pointNumber of crying episodesEffectLevel of evidenceAMSTAR
Gordon et al18Simethicone14 days3.32 more episodes of crying and fussing with simethicone compared with partially hydrolysed formulaNot favourable c/w partially hydrolysed formulaVery low8
Mugambi et al25ProbioticsUp to 7 monthsMD 0.60 (95% CI 0.20 to 1.00) in favour of control for 1 out of 4 studies reportedNot favourableLow8
Skórka et al26Probiotics4 weeks to 36 monthsColic symptoms and cryingInconclusive (not favourable)Low7
  • MD, mean difference.