Table 3

Characteristics of studies for simethicone for infantile colic

AuthorsParticipants/n/age/genderTiming of interventionNumber and type of studies included in reviewMethod of data synthesis (narrative/meta-analysis)
Biagioli et al19Infants/n=167/<5 weeks/males 45.5%, 44.4%, 49.4%7 days4 RCTsMeta-analysis
Gordon et al18Infants/n=1121/2–16 weeks/balanced numbers of boys and girls4–21 days1 RCTNarrative
Hall et al34Infants/n=309 (27/32 and 83/92 and 199/267)/2–8 weeks/gender not reportedNot reported3 RCTsNarrative
Salvatore et al291 consensus review, 1 review, 1 SRNANANarrative
Xu et al58Infants/n=423/3–6 monthsL.reuteri. 21 and 28 days6 RCTsMeta-analysis
Urbańska and Szajewska59Infants/n=838/birth to 26 weeksL.reuteri. Up to 1 month for management group and up to 3 months for the prevention group5 RCTsMeta-analysis
  • NA, not available; RCT, randomised controlled trial; SR, systematic review.