Table 1

Characteristics of studies for manual therapy for infantile colic

AuthorsParticipants/n/age/genderTiming of interventionNumber of studies: type of studies included in reviewMethod of data synthesis (narrative/meta-analysis)
Alcantara et al38Infants/n=980 (where reported)/<18 years/gender not reported<4 weeks/30 days26: 3 clinical trials, 2 survey studies, 6 case reports, 2 case series, 4 cohort studies, 5 commentaries and 4 reviews of the literatureNarrative
Carnes etal43Infants/n=866 (one study not reported)/gender not reported8 days to 4 weeks FU 2–11 years11: 5× RCTs, 1× retrospective review, 2× cohort studies, 3× cases seriesBoth
Clar etal39Infants/n=not reportedNot reported19: 10 SRs and 9 RCTsNarrative
Dobson etal16Infants/n=358/birth–12 weeks/gender percentages varied (where reported) between 34% and 93% male (mean 56%, median 47%)8 days to 6 weeks6 RCTsMeta-analysis
Driehuis etal42Infants/n=283/birth–10 weeks/gender not reported8–14 days4 RCTsBoth
Ernst41Infants/n=198/2–10 weeks/gender not specified8–15 days3 RCTsNarrative
Gleberzon etal36Infants/n=1459/birth–3 yearsImmediate—4 weeks6: 3× RCTs, 1× prospective uncontrolled, 2× retrospective studiesNarrative
Parnell Prevost etal40Infants/n=>4000/0–12 weeksNot reported5: 4 RCTs, 1 obsNarrative
Posadzki and Ernst27Infants/n=not reportedNot reported2 SRsNarrative
Posadzki et al37Infants/n=28/1–12 weeks28 days1 RCTNarrative
Salehi etal28Infants/n=368/age=not reportedNot reported11 SRs—2 SRs for colicNarrative
  • FU, follow-up; RCT, randomised controlled trial; SR, systematic review.