Table 8

Summary of narrative analyses of treatments for infant colic measured by crying time

Authorvs controlTime pointEffectLevel of evidenceAMSTAR
Batchelor et al53Not reported21 days and 90 daysNot favourableNot reported2.5
Cruchet et al33Simethicone7, 14 and 21 daysFavourableHigh prevention, Moderate treatment4.5
Lucassen2Placebo21 daysInconclusiveVery Low2
Perry et al32Placebo and
14 and 28 daysInconclusiveLow8
Harb et al31Placebo, mint and probiotics17–21 daysNot favourableNot reported8
Hall et al34Placebo2–8 weeksNot favourableLow4
Manual therapy
Alcantara et al38Dimethicone, no treatment, occipitosacral decompression14 days and 4 weeks where reportedInconclusiveNot reported5
Ernst41Not reported8 days to 2 weeksNot favourableLow4.5
Lucassen2No treatment10–14 daysUnfavourableLow2
Perry et al32Dimethicone or no treatment8 days to 4 weeksInconclusiveLow8
Clar et al39Not reportedNot reportedInconclusive (favourable)Low to
Gleberzon et al36Not reported<4 weeksFavourableLow6
Parnell Prevost et al40Not reportedNot reportedInconclusiveModerate to high7
Posadzki et al37Not reported4 weeksFavourable
(1 RCT only)
Proton pump inhibitors
Gieruszczak-Białek et al35Placebo2–4 weeksNot favourableNot reported3.5
  • RCT, randomised controlled trial.