Table 5

Characteristics of studies for mixed intervention studies for infantile colic

AuthorsInterventionParticipants/n/age/genderTiming of interventionNumber and type of studies included in reviewMethod of data synthesis (narrative/meta-analysis)
Gutiérrez-Castrellón et al30Probiotics (L. reuteri)Infants/n=347/4.1–7.2 weeks/56% female21 and 28 days5 RCTsMeta-analysis
Manual therapyInfants/n=257/5.1–5.9 weeks/56% female11–28 days5 RCTsMeta-analysis
SimethiconeInfants/n=14/4.1 weeks/56% female17 days1 RCTMeta-analysis
Harb et al31Probiotics (L. reuteri)Infants less than 6 months old/n=47221 and 30 days7: 5 double-blind RCTs, 1 single blind RCT, 1 prospective RCTMeta-analysis
SimethiconeInfants 2 to 8 weeks old/n=193Not reported3 RCTs (simethicone was intervention in 1 and control in 2)Narrative
Lucassen2Manual therapyInfants/n=not reported/1–9 weeks/gender not reported10–14 days1 SRNarrative
Probiotics (L. reuteri)Infants/n=126/2–16 weeks/gender not reportedNot reported1 SRNarrative
Perry et al32Probiotics (L. reuteri, L. rhamnosus and P. freudenreichii)Infants/n=101/0–16 weeks/M=47, F=4514 days and 28 days2 RCTsNarrative
Manual therapyInfants/n=not reported /0–16 weeks/gender not reportedNot reported4 RCTsNarrative
  • RCT, randomised controlled trial; SR, systematic review.