Table 2

Overall model fit statistics of the K7 scale

Model fit statisticsTotal sample n=300
Overall model fit, χ2 value44.54
Degree of freedom (df)28
*P value0.0245
Item fit residuals (mean (SD))0.30 (1.22)
Person fit residuals (mean (SD))–0.18 (0.85)
Person Separation Index0.85
Coefficient alpha0.89
Unidimensionality test (% that goes beyond 95% CI)3.7% CI (1.2 to 6.1)
  • *The p value 0.007 means significant at level 0.05 because the number of items is seven (0.05/7=0.007). Therefore, any p value greater than 0.007 would be considered non-significant.