Table 1

Pathologies or symptoms in the International Classification of Primary Care-2 classification linked to dyspnoea and/or chest pain classified into three categories: life-threatening, non-life-threatening diseases and other pathologies where the seriousness depends on clinical features and context.

Life-threatening pathologiesNon-life-threatening pathologiesSeriousness depends on clinical features and context
Acute myocardial infarction (K75)
Pulmonary embolism (K93)
Ischaemic heart disease w. angina (K74)
Ischaemic heart disease w/o angina (K76)
Heart failure (K77)
Phlebitis/thrombophlebitis (K94)
Heart valve disease NOS (K83)
Haemoptysis (R24)
Neoplasm cardiovascular (K72)
Asthma (R96)
Leukaemia (B73)
Infection of circulatory system (K70)
Ruptured spleen traumatic (B76)
Malignant neoplasm stomach (D74)
Malignant neoplasm bronchus/lung
Malignant neoplasm respiratory, other (R84)
Malignant neoplasm pancreas (D76)
Tetanus (N72)
Acute stress reaction (P02)
Muscle pain (L18)
Joint symptom/complaint NOS (L20)
Acquired deformity of spine (L85)
Herpes zoster (S70)
Fracture: other (L76)
Osteoarthrosis other (L91)
Phobia/compulsive disorder (P79)
Hiatus hernia (D90)
Back syndrome with radiating pain (L86)
Benign neoplasm respiratory (R86)
Anaemia, vitamin B12/folate def.(B81)
Anaemia other/unspecified (B82)
Influenza (R80)
Laryngitis/tracheitis acute (R77)
Acute bronchitis/bronchiolitis (R78)
Chronic bronchitis (R79)
Pneumonia (R81)
Whooping cough (R71)
Tuberculosis (A70)
Pleurisy/pleural effusion (R82)
Chronic obstructive pulmonary dis (R95)
Hyperventilation syndrome (R98)
Oesophagus disease (D84)
Obesity (T82)
Infections musculoskeletal system (L70)
Insect bite/sting (S12)
Drug abuse (P19)
Duodenal ulcer (D85)
Peptic ulcer other (D86)
Hyperthyroidism/thyrotoxicosis (T85)
Respiratory infection other (R83)
Injury respiratory other (R88)
Neoplasm respiratory unspecified (R92)
  • NOS, not otherwise specified.