Table 1

The population, interventions, control, outcomes, timeframe, setting (PICOTS) criteria used in the systematic review

PopulationsPregnant people, mothers, newborns and children (aged nine years and under).
InterventionsDelivery of quality maternal, newborn and/or child health services by the private sector.
ControlNot necessary.
Outcomes Quantitative, qualitative or mixed-methods data on:
  •  Maternal morbidity or mortality.

  •  Newborn morbidity or mortality.

  •  Child morbidity or mortality.

  •  Components of quality of care (ie, safety, effectiveness, timeliness, efficiency, equity, people-centred care).

  •  Experience of care, including respectful care.

  •  Service utilisation.

Timeframe1 January 1995 to 30 June 2019.
SettingLow-income and middle-income countries.