Table 1

Sources of data for monitoring

DatabasePurpose of databasefData entered byData collected (relevant to monitoring)Search strategy
MRC Grants Application and Award databaseMRC application management and monitoring
Data re publicly available in UKRI Gateway to Research22
ApplicantsData entered as part of the funding application and award process.
  1. Award start and end dates

  2. PI contact details

  3. Study title and summary

  4. Amount of award

Automated keyword search in title, abstract, study summary
MRC annual monitoring of awards (Researchfish)MRC monitoring of activity and outputs from research funding. Data collected via the Researchfish platform
Data are publicly available in UKRI Gateway to Research22
Named PI receiving fundingAnnual report/update to the MRC on ‘live’ or recently ended awards every February.
  1. Clinical trial ‘flag’, ie, trial associated with an award

  2. Trials registry number

  3. Publications and other outputs

  4. Datasets created/shared

Automated keyword search in title, abstract, study summary, outputs, publication fields
Automated search for clinical trials ‘flag’, entry for registry number
MRC governance monitoring of global health trialsMRC governance of global health clinical trials
Data not publicly available
MRC staffInformation entered for governance and oversight
  1. Record of Trial Steering Committee dates

  2. Changes to trial start and end dates

Manual search of study summary or notes to confirm study design and identify trials
ISRCTN registry18 Publicly accessible and searchable database of individual clinical trials
Trial information is regularly submitted to WHO ICTRP portal where it is publicly available51
Research teamData entered at registration then updated or amended by the research team as required.
  1. Trial start and end dates

  2. Contact person

  3. Registration date

  4. Links to protocol and main results

  5. Trial funder

  6. Trial sponsor

  7. Date entry last updated

Automated search for Medical Research Council or MRC in funder and sponsor fields
  • ICTRP, International Clinical Trials Registry Platform; ISRCTN, International Standard Randomised Controlled Trial Number; MRC, Medical Research Council; PI, Principal Investigator; UKRI, UK Research and Innovation.