Table 4

Differentiation of severity, recovery time and additional treatments of the severest harm per patient with at least one PSP

Differentiation of the ‘severest’ harm (n=1935)n%95% CI
SeverityVery mild1397.26.1 to 8.4
Mild68935.633.5 to 37.8
Severe79441.038.9 to 43.2
Very severe28714.813.3 to 16.5
Don’t know251.30.9 to 1.9
Refused to answer10.10.0 to 0.2
Recovery periodLess than a week29416.915.2 to 18.7
More than a week, but less than a month34719.918.1 to 21.9
More than a month41924.122.1 to 26.1
Permanent harm61535.333.1 to 37.6
Don’t know372.11.5 to 2.9
Not applicable281.61.1 to 2.3
Additional treatment*Went to see another doctor80431.529.7 to 33.3
Medical on-call service / emergency service1264.94.2 to 5.8
Emergency room2278.97.9 to 10.1
Inpatient treatment (overnight)25510.07.8 to 10.0
 Up to 1 week983.83.2 to 4.7
 Between 1 and 2 weeks963.83.1 to 4.6
 2 weeks and more602.41.8 to 3.0
 Don’t know10.00.0 to 0.2
Rehabilitation2068.17.1 to 9.2
None of it92736.334.5 to 38.2
Don’t know40.20.1 to 0.4
Refused to answer20.10.0 to 0.3
  • *Multiple answers possible for additional treatments.

  • PSP, patient safety problem.