Table 5

Analysis of WISN results of Upazila-level health staff

Health facilityCurrent no of staffRequired no, based on WISNShortage or excessWISN ratioWorkload pressure
Staff category: physician
 Shailkupa UpHC48.14−4.140.49Very high
 Kotchandpur UpHC310.71−7.710.28Extremely high
 Kulaura UpHC412.28−8.280.33Very high
 Sreemangal UpHC711.23−4.230.62High
Staff category: nurse
 Shailkupa UpHC1416.08−2.080.87Moderately high
 Kotchandpur UpHC1522.80−7.80.66High
 Kulaura UpHC1016.08−6.080.62High
 Sreemangal UpHC1220.46−8.460.59High
  • UpHC, Upazila Health Complex; WISN, Workload Indicator of Staffing Need.