Table 2

Service standard for physicians and nurses in UpHCs, Bangladesh, 2017

ActivitiesService standardUnit
Obstetrical service (caesarean section)*9090Min/patient
Obstetrical service (normal delivery)60120Min/patient
Newborn management1515Min/inpatient day
Emergency service15Not applicableMin/patient
IMCI/nutritional service1515Min/patient
OPD service (including NCD management)10Not applicableMin/patient
First ANC2020Min/patient
Follow-up ANC1010Min/patient
Indoor services (round, including minor bedside procedures)†25.6534Min/inpatient day
Bedside patient careNot applicable17Min/inpatient day
Patient admission and dischargeNot applicable20Min/inpatient day
Death certification and associated arrangements2030Min/patient
  • *For nurses: assist obstetrical service (caesarean section).

  • †For nurses: indoor services (round with physician).

  • ANC, antenatal care; IMCI, Integrated Management of Childhood Illness; NCD, non-communicable diseases; OPD, out patient department; PNC, postnatal care; UpHCs, Upazila Health Complexes.