Table 3

Internal consistency, indicators of convergent and divergent validity, and factor correlations of the original six-factor model

αAVE√AVEFactor correlation matrix
TC—Teamwork Climate0.710.340.59
SC—Safety Climate0.720.310.560.83**
JS—Job Satisfaction0.900.650.810.70**0.82**
SR—Stress Recognition0.830.560.75−0.22*−0.19*−0.16*
HM—Perceptions of Hospital Management0.890.640.800.47**0.61**0.64**−0.23**
WC—Working Conditions0.610.300.550.68**0.76**0.75**−0.130.75**
  • Note: Analyses conducted after imputing missing values; n=263.

  • *p<0.05, **p<0.001.

  • α, Cronbach’s alpha; AVE, average variance extracted; √AVE, square root of average variance extracted.