Table 5

Multivariate logistic regression analysis of women's demographic and obstetric variables with their odds of being aware of GBS screening (Q8)

Adjusted OR95% CI for ORP value
Age (years)0.890.581.350.599
Educational level1.280.991.650.057
Employment: yes1.760.803.870.156
Number of previous pregnancies0.500.290.870.014
Number of previous delivered babies2.051.143.670.016
Type of follow-up clinic0.940.711.230.670
Caring physician specialty: gynaecologist2.
Past exposure to GBS score (1–100 points)2.121.503.000.000
GBS knowledge score (1–100 points)1.010.991.020.116
Sources of information1.330.961.840.082
Perceived best way of GBS prevention: universal screening, all women0.680.411.130.141
  • GBS, group B streptococcus.