Table 2

Univariate analysis of the women’s answers to the knowledge questions on GBS screening (N=377)

Incorrectly answeredCorrectly answeredP value
GBS is a leading cause of serious blood infections?151 (40.1%)226 (59.9%)<0.001
GBS is a leading cause of meningitis?234 (62.1%)143 (37.9%)<0.001
It is a sexually transmitted infection?228 (60.5%)149 (39.5%)<0.001
It can be transmitted to a newborn during delivery?63 (16.7%)314 (83.3%)<0.001
GBS carrier mother cannot give birth through normal vaginal delivery?133 (35.3%)244 (64.7%)<0.001
GBS carrier mother cannot breast feed?58 (15.4%)319 (84.6%)<0.001
The risk of GBS being passed from mother to baby is highest (during, before or after) delivery?112 (29.7%)265 (70.3%)<0.001
If a woman carries GBS during pregnancy, when she must get antibiotics?232 (61.5%)145 (38.5%)<0.001
  • GBS, group B streptococcus.