Table 4

Definition of outcomes in CONCARDPCI

Continuity of careAs measured by the Heart Continuity of Care Questionnaire (HCCQ).19
Health literacy and eHealth literacyAs measured by the Health Literacy Questionnaire (HLQ)44 and eHealth Literacy Scale (eHEALS) questionnaire.18
Adherence to medicationAs measured by the Medication Adherence Report Scale (MARS-5),46 Beliefs about Medicines Questionnaire (BMQ)42 and data related to consumption of prescribed medication identified through national prescription registries, and serum levels of cardiac medication.
Healthcare utilisationAs measured by patients’ use of primary care services (general practitioner visits) and secondary care services (inpatient admissions and outpatient visits).
Healthcare (associated) costsAs measured by the tariffs of national agreements between the professional associations of medical specialists and the National Health Services, and the tariffs of the national case-mix system of the diagnosis-related groupings (DRG) and the Danish Ambulatory Grouping System (DAGS).
Time to readmissionCardiac and all-cause readmissions.
Time to deathCardiac and all-cause mortality.
Time to major adverse cardiac events (MACE)A composite of cardiac mortality and hospitalisation for cardiovascular disease or chest pain.