Table 2

Different kinds of TAPS† exposures among study participants (n=1174)

TAPS†Use‡No use§Total
Ever seen or heard tobacco advertising and sponsorship in any form**
Ever seen tobacco advertising signboards (vinyl, LED, stickers, etc)
Ever seen tobacco advertising drawing or painting (on vehicles, on walls, on boards, etc)
Ever seen tobacco advertising in journals, magazines, newspapers and pamphlets
Ever seen broadcasting of tobacco advertisements (television, radio, internet, social network like Facebook, etc)
Ever seen or heard about the distribution of tobacco products free of charge or as gifts
Ever seen or heard distributions of personal goods with tobacco product labels free of charge or as gifts***
Ever seen or heard about tobacco advertising with lucky draw, exchange of old cigarette pack with new ones, bonus to sellers, car stickers, etc*
Ever seen any goods with the label of any tobacco product being used in promotions (clothes, hats, lighters, key chains, tissue boxes, stationeries, kitchen utensils, etc)
Ever seen any toy, comestible or wares made in the form of any tobacco product (toys, chewing gums, sweet sticks, key chains, lighters, balloons, etc)
Ever heard about the announcements of tobacco advertisement at fairs and festivals*
Ever seen or heard about the tobacco advertising as sponsorship or support to sports, funfairs, exhibitions or any social activities**
Exposure to any kind of TAPS†
  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.

  • †Tobacco advertisement, promotion and sponsorship.

  • ‡Current tobacco use.

  • §No current tobacco use.

  • LED, light-emitting diode.