Table 2

Socioeconomic and demographic information for wave 1 Cerebra 1000 Families sample: parent and family

Primary caregiver and family
Female primary caregiver1005 (84.9%)
Primary caregiver relationship to child
 Biological mother923 (78%)
 Adoptive mother53 (4.5%)
 Biological father46 (3.9%)
 Grandmother13 (1.1%)
 Missing information129 (10.9%)
Primary caregiver employment status
 In a job working for an employer391 (33.0%)
 Looking after home and family388 (32.8%)
 Self-employed103 (8.7%)
 Doing something else100 (8.4%)
 Missing information129 (10.9%)
Primary caregiver education level
 Degree level465 (39.3%)
 Higher education but below degree level253 (21.4%)
 A/AS levels or equivalent104 (8.8%)
 5 or more GCSEs at A*-C or equivalent74 (6.3%)
 Some GCSEs passes or equivalent93 (7.9%)
 No qualifications13 (1.1%)
 Missing information179 (15.1%)
Primary caregiver relationship status
 Married and living with spouse/civil partner631 (53.3%)
 Divorced/separated/single/widowed/not currently living with partner226 (19.1%)
 Living with partner141 (11.9%)
 Missing information186 (15.7%)
Primary caregiver ethnicity
 White British930 (78.5%)
 White other (Irish, travelling community, other)55 (5.2%)
 Asian/Asian British26 (2.3%)
 Black (African/Caribbean/Black British)15 (1.3%)
 Remaining ethnic groups (mixed/multiple ethnicity, Arabic, any other ethnic background, etc)23 (2.0%)
 Missing information135 (11.4%)
 England1031 (87.1%)
 Scotland48 (4.1%)
 Wales83 (7.0%)
 Northern Ireland9 (0.76%)
 Missing13 (1.10%)
Family living in most deprived 10% of neighbourhoods based on indices of multiple deprivation (IMD)90 (7.6%)
 Missing IMD information34 (2.9%)
Child with ID has a sibling aged between 4 and 15 years 11 months
 Yes612 (51.7%)
 No360 (30.4%)
 Missing information212 (17.9%)
Nearest-in-age sibling of child with ID has a longstanding illness, disability or infirmity
 Yes168 (27.5%)
 No439 (71.4%)
 Missing information (from those who indicated child has sibling in age range)5 (0.8%)
  • A/AS levels, GCE Advanced level; GCSE, General Certificate of Secondary Education; ID, intellectual disability.