Table 1

Search strategy for all the included databases

SourceThesaurus headings/free-text searchResultsDate of search
PubMedOccupational health29 07414 Feb 2019
Musculoskeletal pain3864
Neck pain6264
Back pain35 590
Shoulder pain4331
“Occupational health” AND “Musculoskeletal pain”288
(((((“Musculoskeletal Pain”(Mesh)) OR “Neck Pain”(Mesh)) OR “Back Pain”(Mesh)) OR “Shoulder Pain”(Mesh))) AND “Occupational Health”(Mesh)410
CINAHLOccupational health39 95011 Feb 2019
Musculoskeletal pain3943
“Occupational health” AND “musculoskeletal pain”125
Cochrane databaseOccupational health56214 Feb 2019
Musculoskeletal pain694
“Occupational health” AND “musculoskeletal pain”135
(“Occupational health” (Mesh)) AND (“musculoskeletal pain” (Mesh))40
Web of Science“Occupational health” AND “musculoskeletal pain”15512 Feb 2019
Total no of hits1153