Table 3B

Summary of studies with no association

NoAuthor (Year)Study designTypes of allergyPurposeSample size and group comparisonSubjects’ characteristicsAssociation with ABO blood groups
1 Carpeggiani
Year: 20113
Literature reviewAllergic rhinitisNot stated.Not stated.Not stated.Association of blood group O with allergic rhinitis remains unknown due to limitations in some studies.
2 Dhiman et al
Year: 199031
Case controlAsthmaTo determine whether an association exists between ABO, Rh, and MN blood groups and asthma.125 patients (70 males and 55 females)
6204 controls
Indoor and outdoor patients
Age: 16–70 years
Non-significant differences between ABO phenotypes and asthma
(0.7>p >0.5).
3 Bijanzadeh et al
Year: 200932
Case controlAsthmaTo evaluate the relationship between asthma and the ABO blood group in the population of Mysore, Karnataka State, South India.200 (adults and children)
2000 controls
Asthmatic cases from university hospitals and allergy centre controls from blood donors at the hospital
Children: younger than 18 years
Adults: older than 19 years
ABO blood group status has a non-significant association with asthma among the population of Mysore, Karnataka, South India.
  • ENT, Ear, Nose and Throat; OPD, Outpatient Department.