Table 1

Overview of Cannabis Café

Trivia (~1 hour in length)
  • Facilitated using MentiMeter (an online trivia platform where students are able to answer questions anonymously via their mobile or digital devices).

  • Used to disseminate information on cannabis and normative feedback.

  • Facilitate discussions of information following the review of each trivia question.

World Café (~30 min in length)
  • Discussion among smaller groups led by discussion leaders.

  • Round 1: addresses students’ perspectives toward LRCUG.

  • Round 2: seeks to challenge stereotypes regarding cannabis use and facilitate direct contact between those with and without lived experience.

  • Following each round, discussions are synthesised and major themes are shared with the larger group.

Goal setting activity (~5 min in length)
  • As part of the immediate follow-up survey, participants will be asked to set a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely SMART goal to be accomplished over the next 30 days regarding their personal cannabis use (users) or informing others’ cannabis use/maintaining abstinence (non-users).

  • total estimated time for the Cannabis Café is 95 min. Please see online supplementary file 1 for detailed descriptions of trivia items (including respective answers, supporting resources and follow-up questions), World Café discussion points and the goal setting activity.