Table 2

Semistructured interviews topic guides for participants

Broad topicsSpecific topics
1. Interest in using the infertility risk prediction toolExtent of information received/delivered about risk of infertility, decision making with *current infertility risk calculator’, perceived satisfaction in using current calculators, interest in having a more accurate infertility risk prediction tool
2. Access and confidentialityRequirements around access and user interface, security, confidentiality of input information, technical skill.
3. User attributesPerceptions of ease of use and preferences for data entry.
4. Impact on fertility consultationPerceptions of impact on fertility consultation.
5. Anticipated outcomes and benefitsBenefits of using a more accurate tool, barriers and additional suggestions to better meet fertility-related needs.
  • *Current infertility risk calculator’ refers to the commonly used existing calculator for fertility risk prediction following breast cancer treatment.27