Table 3

Univariate and multivariate logistic regression analysis for risky drinking (combined categories of AUDIT low risk, risky (hazardous, harmful, dependent)) in relation to job status (having a job outside the parliament vs not), being older than 50 years old (vs not), years serving as an MP (above 16 years vs not), awareness of Parliamentary Health and Wellbeing Service (vs not) and presence of probable mental ill health (vs not) in MPs

OR95% CIOR(95% CI)
Work outside parliament2.370.99 to 5.632.740.98 to 7.65
>50 years old0.920.45 to 1.911.030.47 to 2.27
Served as MP >16 years1.220.50 to 2.960.860.33 to 2.24
Unaware of Parliamentary Health and Wellbeing Service0.600.28 to 1.250.550.23 to 1.67
Presence of probable mental ill health
 No evidence of probable mental ill health11
 Less than optimal mental ill health1.150.42 to 3.111.540.52 to4.61
 Probable mental ill health1.930.71 to 5.242.400.78 to 7.43
  • *Crude and adjusted ORs with corresponding 95% CIs. Inverse probability weights were used with reference to the total number of the members of the parliament. All models were adjusted for age, sex and educational status.

  • MP, member of parliament.