Table 1

Demographic characteristics of UKPMH participants

MP sample (n=146)Total adult psychiatric morbidity sample (n=7546)
N (%)N (%)
Below 50 years old71 (49)4124 (51)
Female54 (37)4385 (55)
Postgraduate degree35 (24)553 (3)
Unaware of Parliamentary Health and Wellbeing Service112 (77)n/a
Years serving as MP (>16 years)118 (81)n/a
Work outside parliament27 (19)n/a
Risky (hazardous, harmful, dependent) drinking42 (29)1197 (20)
Presence of probable mental ill health
 No evidence of probable mental ill health35 (25)4256 (54)
 Less than optimal mental ill health62 (40)1620 (20)
 Probable mental ill health49 (35)2141 (26)
  • PM, member of parliament; UKPMH, UK Parliamentary Mental Health.