Table 1

Illustrative quotes and frequencies of each barrier

ThemeExample quotesFrequency (f)Frequency
(% of total)*
Organisational-level barriers3415.81
 List attributesUnexpected changes in lists due to emergency cases
Having different surgeons throughout the day
 Organisational constraintsOrganisations audit the start time/briefings not accommodated in schedule
Inadequate staffing
AM list overruns, affecting PM list start time
Work group-level barriers13261.39
 Not everyone present/conflicting tasksSurgeon or anaesthetists finishing rounds
Complex set ups
Staff nurses busy locating equipment
Late team members
Team members are not available before or at 8am
 MiscommunicationConfusion over operating surgeon
Junior doctors may not know enough of the patient but are the ones representing the consultants at the briefings
Individual-level barriers4822.33
 Negative attitudesBriefings [are] done as a formality with steps missing and no space for questions
Not interested, refuses to participate
Not supportive of the process
 Lack of knowledgeVisiting surgeons not knowing procedures
Staff present during the briefing may be different to ones involved in specific surgeries
Junior staff not being aware of briefings
  • *Total of 214 responses.