Table 2

Illustrative quotes and frequencies of each solution

ThemeExample quotesFrequency (f)Frequency
(% of total)*
Organisational-level solutions10374.10
 Scheduling and staffing for MPTBEnsure staff [are] present before conducting the briefing even if it delays the list
Make arrival time earlier
Establish and communicate a particular time for all theatres and all staff to conduct briefing
 Education of OT staffProvide statistics to support the benefits [of briefings)
Further education for those not participating
Signage in each theatre with briefing steps
 Organisational policy changesMaking it a hospital policy/audit to ensure all members are present
Making it mandatory
 Culture changeEncouragement, senior support, management support
Need engaged anaesthetic lead
 TechnologyCall the missing team member32.12
Work group-level solutions3625.09
 Better communicationCommunicate
Having team leaders who are good communicators
 Enforcing briefings as a priorityMake it a priority
Do not bring patient into the OR until briefing is done
Preparing beforehand
  • *Total of 139 responses.