Table 2

Multiple linear regression model for fatigue

β95% CIP value
Serum 25(OH)D−0.01−0.04 to 0.020.66
Age−0.03−0.08 to 0.030.31
Sex−0.26−1.59 to 1.060.70
Body mass index0.03−0.13 to 0.180.74
DAS28-CRP0.660.14 to 1.180.01
Psychological distress*0.320.21 to 0.44<0.001
Pain†0.470.14 to 0.790.01
Sleep disturbance‡0.11−0.47 to 0.690.71
  • *Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale.

  • †Brief Pain Inventory average pain (last 24 hours).

  • ‡Basic Nordic Sleep Questionnaire.

  • DAS28-CRP, Disease Activity Score 28-joint count C reactive protein; 25(OH)D, 25-hydroxyvitamin D.