Table 2

Student feedback on the programme

Favourite parts of the programmeLeast favourite parts of the programme
  • “I really enjoyed seeing the effects of drugs on the brain”

  • “Breaking into groups with the researchers and discussing work”

  • “Learning about the science of everyday life”

  • “Hearing the thoughts of all my peers”

  • “Friendly and engaging presenters, [as it] didn’t feel like people were being judgmental”.

  • “The parts on less relevant drugs at this point for me for example, opioids, MDMA”

  • “When you presented too much info - use videos”

  • “Having to sit still for so long”

  • “The parts most people already knew”

  • “When it was repetitive”

  • “It would have been better if the program was over a whole day not 3 separate days”

  • MDMA, methylenedioxymethamphetamine.