Table 2

Participant quotes to support positive experiences of follow-up care

Positive aspects of careQuotes
Routine monitoring of certain measures‘It was good having my bloods done so I could check what my levels were like, that was quite useful for me…routine monitoring was good.’ (P07)
The availability of a key health professional; ability to contact the team using a range of contact options‘If I couldn’t get hold of her (dietitian) straight away on the phone I’d send an email and it would either be answered the same day or the next day.’ (P09)
Good communication between team members‘It’s quite a tight little team….you might not necessarily speak to the best person, but they will come together in their meeting and you’ll get the best outcome.’ (P19)
Continuity of care‘You didn’t see twenty different people. It was ‘the team’…the same faces…I like that. I don’t want to see somebody who’s different don’t know you…’ (P08)
Overall positive view of care‘The follow-up care I’ve had has just been 110%, if I’ve had a problem I would ring and…I would get an appointment…Someone has always been there for me…’ (P01)