Table 1

Menstruation knowledge, myth and perception questions

1. Menstruation knowledge statements
(response true/false)
Adolescence is the time between puberty and adulthood.
Changes in the body during puberty happen because of hormones.
The physical changes related to puberty usually start between 10 and 14 years of age in girls, and between 12 and 16 in boys.
Menstrual blood comes from the stomach where food is digested.
Women stop menstruating after the age of about 45–50.
Menstruation in girls and women is normal.
Pregnant women menstruate.
When a girl gets her first period, her body is ready to have children.
During her period a girl can get pregnant.
2. Myth statements (response true/false)Painkillers cause problems having children.
When a girl has her period she is unclean.
Sanitary pads can cause sickness or infection.
It is healthy for a girl to run, dance or cycle during her period.
3. Menstrual cycle questions (closed responses)What is period blood?
How long does a period usually last?
How many days are there usually between periods?
4. Menstruation perception statements (response (yes/no))I prefer staying at home during my period rather than going to school.
I worry about being teased during my period.
During my period I feel less self-confident than during other days.
During my period I avoid physical activity (eg, walking, running).
I feel anxious about having my next period.
Boys tease me about my period.
Girls tease me about my period.
I feel comfortable to talk to other girls at school about my period.
If I had a problem with managing my period, I would talk to another girl about it.