Table 5

Reporting of dissemination of result to trial participants in end of study reports

Dissemination of results reported2013201420152016201720182019TOTAL
No mention*234258655335277 (74.9)
Confirmation of lay summary/letter*1326 (1.6)
Patient end of study sheet attached112 (0.5)
Follow-up visit11 (0.3)
Presentation at scientific conference*1 (0.3)
Report inaccessible†537316321783 (22.4)
TOTAL 6265061828956370 (100)
  • *Confirmation of lay summary/letter either as an attached copy or mentioned in final report/cover letter.

  • †Report inaccessible: Reports that require password/email access or have to be uploaded by the REC.

  • REC, research ethics committee.