Table 4

Multivariate logistic regression model predicting past informing and suggesting (n=165)

BehavioursCovariates and SCT predictorsORSEP95% CI (B coefficient)
Informing*Background/no background2.810.47 0.03 1.117.10
Outcome expectations1.490.320.210.802.79
Proximal goals1.
Suggesting†Background/no background1.260.400.570.582.74
Self-efficacy1.710.27 0.04 1.022.88
Outcome expectations1.060.260.810.641.75
Proximal goals0.990.060.900.881.12
  • P: Statistically significant predictors indicated in bold font.

  • *Cox & Snell R2 0.05, Nagelkerke R2 0.09.

  • †Cox & Snell R2 0.04, Nagelkerke R2 0.07.

  • B, exponential of β (OR); SCT, social cognitive theory; SE, standard error.