Table 1

Assessment measures

DomainClinical batteryResearch battery
CognitionMATRICS Consensus Cognitive BatteryDelis-Kaplin Executive Functioning System
Wide Range Achievement TestMetacognition Awareness Inventory
Modified Zoo Task
Social and role functioningGlobal Functioning: Social Scale
Global Functioning: Role Scale
Quality of Socialisation Questionnaire
Social Responsiveness Scale
UCLA Loneliness Scale
Quality of lifeWHO Quality of Life Scale-Brief
RAND 36-Item Health Survey
Service utilisation and perception of careService Utilisation and Resources Form
Medication Adherence Rating Scale
The Treatment Motivation Questionnaire
Treatment Adherence and Acceptability Scale
Substance useHABITS InventoryAlcohol Expectancy Questionnaire-Brief
Alcohol Use Scale/Drug Use ScaleMarijuana Effect Expectancy Questionnaire-
PATH Assessment of Tobacco Use
SuicidalityColumbia Suicide Severity Rating ScaleAcquired Capability for Suicide Scale-
Fearlessness about Death
Interpersonal Needs Questionnaire
SymptomsStructured Interview for Psychosis Risk States
Calgary Depression Scale for Schizophrenia
Hamilton Anxiety Scale
TraumaAdverse Childhood Experiences
PTSD Checklist-5
Brief Trauma Questionnaire
Personality factorsTen-Item Personality Inventory
Motor functioningPegboard Test
Finger Tapping Test
MovAlyzeR Handwriting Assessment
Social cognitionHinting Task
Movie for Assessment in Social Cognition
Physical activityInternational Physical Activity Questionnaire
StigmaInternalised Stigma of Mental Illness
Stigma Questionnaire
Cognitive biasesReferential Thinking Scale
Brief Core Schema Scale
Cognitive Biases Questionnaire for Psychosis
InsightMeasure of Insight into Cognition-Self Report
Beck Cognitive Insight Scale
Self/AgencyAssessment of Self-Descriptions
Computerised action prime task
  • PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.