Table 3

Reported adverse effects

PlaceboZinc lozenge
Any adverse effects at any visit13 (31%)29 (63%)
 Stomach ache11 (26%)12 (26%)
 Taste problems3 (7%)24 (52%)
 Other adverse effects*1 (2%)11 (24%)
No adverse effects at any visit29 (69%)17 (37%)
No taste or ‘other’ adverse effects at any visit38 (90%)18 (39%)
  • *Other adverse effects in the zinc group included: teeth and mouth felt dry or rough, aching in the mouth. Thus, many of them were overlapping with taste problems. The participant who withdrew from the trial on the first day is included in this table. For the comparison of any adverse effects at any visit, there is significant difference between the treatment groups with p=0.003 in the χ2 test.