Table 2

Overview of outcomes and the registries used to extract data

Outcomes:RegistersDescription of outcome
Primary care
 GP contactsxNumber of contacts with GPs (ordinary consultations, home visits, telephone and email consultations)
 GP costsxHealthcare costs of GPs
 Other specialist MD costsxHealthcare costs of specialised medical doctors in primary care (excl. GPs and dentists)
 Psychologist costsxHealthcare costs of psychologists in primary care
 Physiotherapist costsxHealthcare costs of physiotherapists in primary care
 Prescription drug costsxCosts of prescription drugs
Secondary care
 Hospitalisation daysxDays in hospital, not as outpatient
 Outpatient visitsxNumber of visits to outpatient clinic
 Emergency room contactsxNumber of out-of-hours contacts with GPs and all contacts with emergency rooms.
 Surgical proceduresxNumber of surgical procedures in hospital
 Non-surgical proceduresxNumber of non-surgical procedures and techniques in hospital.
Total costsxxTotal healthcare costs in primary and secondary sectors excluding costs in the psychiatric secondary sector.
Plus the price of CT scans in the study setting: EUR 238/CT scan including recruitment of participants and staff salaries.
  • DR, Drug Registry; DRG-DAGS, Diagnostic Related Groups-Diagnostic Outpatient Group System Registries; GP, general practitioner; MD, medical doctor; NHI, National Health Insurance Registry; NPR, National Patient Registry.