Table 3

Types of adverse events for home dialysis patients

Home dialysis adverse events within 6 months of training completion
Number of eventsEvent rate
(per 100 patient-years)
HHD adverse events
Button hole site infection 2 10
CVC-related bacteraemia 11 86
CVC damaged 1 8
CVC exit site 17 133
CVC tunnel line infection 4 31
Graft Infection 2 34
Needle dislodgement 2 7
PD adverse events
Peritonitis 2 10
Exit site infections 1 5
Wet contamination 11 56
  • *Event rate for HHD and PD patients at risk; all 40 PD patients were at risk for PD adverse events; 40 HHD patients were at risk for button hole site infections; 26 HHD patients were at risk for CVC related bacteraemia, damage to CVC, CVC exit site and tunnelled infection; 12 HHD patients were at risk for graft infections and 52 were at risk for needle dislodgement during dialysis therapy.

  • CVC, central venous catheter; HHD, home haemodialysis; PD, peritoneal dialysis.