Table 1

Draft search strategy for PsycINFO

1exp Schizophrenia/
2exp psychosis/
5exp psychotherapy/ or exp Behavior Therapy/ or exp Cognitive Therapy/ or exp PSYCHOANALYSIS/ or exp psychotherapeutic counseling/ or hypnosis/ or free association/
6(abreaction or “acceptance and commitment therapy” or acting out or adlerian or analytical psychotherap$ or anger control or anger management or animal therap$ or art therap$ or assertive$ training or attention training technique or autogenic training or autosuggestion or aversion therap$ or balint group or befriending or behavio?r contracting or behavio?r modification or behavio?r regulation or behavio?r therap$ or bibliotherap$ or biofeedback or body psychotherap$ or brief psychotherap$ or caregiver support or cbt or client cent$ or cognitive behavio?r$ or cognitive intervention$ or cognitive rehabilit$ or cognitive remediation or cognitive technique$ or cognitive therap$ or cognitive treatment$ or colo?r therap$ or compassionate mind training or conjoint therap$ or contingency management or conversational therap$ or conversion therap$ or coping skills or counsel?ing or countertransference or couples therap$ or covert sensitization or crisis intervention or dance therap$ or dialectic$ or eclectic or emotion$ focus$ or emotional freedom technique or encounter group therap$ or existential therap$ or experiential psychotherap$ or exposure therap$ or expressive psychotherap$ or eye movement desensiti?ation or family intervention$ or family therap$ or feminist therap$ or free association or freudian or geriatric psychotherap$ or gestalt therap$ or griefwork or group intervention$ or group psychotherap$ or group therap$ or guided image$ or holistic psychotherap$ or humanistic psychotherap$ or hypnosis or hypnotherap$ or hypnoti?zability or imagery or implosive therap$ or individual psychotherap$ or insight therap$ or integrated psychological therapy or integrative psychotherap$ or integrative therap$ or interpersonal or jungian or kleinian or logotherap$ or marathon group therap$ or marital therap$ or meditation or mental healing or metacognitive therap$ or metacognitive training or milieu therap$ or mindfulness or morita therap$ or multimodal or music therap$ or narrative therap$ or nondirective therap$ or object relations or person cent$ therap$ or personal construct therap$ or persuasion therap$ or pet therap$ or play therap$ or primal therap$ or problem solving or psychoanaly$ or psychodrama or psychodynamic or psychoeducat$ or psychologic$ or psychological therap$ or psychosocial treatment or psychotherap$ or psychotherapeutic counsel$ or psychotherapeutic processes or psychotherapeutic training or psychotherapeutic treatment$ or rational emotive or reality therap$ or reciprocal inhibition or rehabilitat$ or relationship therap$ or relaxation or reminiscence therap$ or rogerian or role play$ or self analys$ or self esteem or sensitivity training or sex therap$ or sleep phase chronotherap$ or social skills education or social skills training or socioenvironmental therap$ or sociotherap$ or solution focused or stress management or support group$ or supportive therap$ or systematic desensiti?ation or systemic therap$ or therapeutic communit$ or transactional analysis or transference or transtheoretical or validation therap$ or (dream$ adj3 analys$) or (support adj3 psycho$)).mp.
8((singl$ or doubl$ or trebl$ or tripl$) adj (blind$ or mask$)).mp.
9(random$ adj5 (assign$ or allocat$)).mp.
134 and 7 and 12