Table 2

Data extraction variables

Variables to be extracted
Study design
 Primary outcomeStatic balance, dynamic balance, functional balance
 Secondary outcomesFalls risk, falls rate, fear of falling
 Study qualityPEDro score
 Sample sizeReport sample size
 Additional behavioursNo/Yes
Report behaviour
 Intervention durationReport duration
 Delivery methodsWeb-based only, web-based and print, web-based and email, internet and other technology, applications, trackers
 Use of technologyHow it is used in the intervention (ie, partial or fully tech-based)
 Comparison groupIntervention group, minimal intervention, usual care, control group
 Intervention attritionProportion of participants who completed the intervention
 Follow-up periodReport follow-up period
Participant characteristics
 AgeMean (SD) or age range of included participants
 Health statusHealthy, chronic disease (report disease)
 Falls history (12 months)Not screened for, ≤1,≤2,≤3, 3+
 Physical activity levelNot screened for, inactive
 Recruitment source
Intervention features
 Intervention doseReport number of intervention contacts
 Single interventionExercises—strength; balance; endurance training; flexibility exercises; walking training/practice; medication (targeted to a drug—withdrawal, reduction, increase, substitution, provision); surgery; psychological interventions; environment/assistive technology; educational (interventions to increase knowledge); adherence
 Multiple interventionsYes/No
Report interventions tested
 Multifactorial interventionsYes/no
Report interventions tested
If yes, by whom?
 TailoredComprehensive tailoring; limited tailoring; no tailoring; tailored in intensity or dose or exercise; tailored in type
 Behaviour change theoryThe behaviour change technique taxonomy (Michie et al., 2013)
 Email remindersYes/no
 Goal setting
 Updated contentYes/no
 Asynchronous communicationYes/no
Other data
 Author(s), country of study, type of trial/model used, publication year, recommendations, intervention adherence and acceptability, adverse events, other results
  • PEDro, Physiotherapy Evidence Database.