Table 2

Characteristics of current marijuana smokers

VariableCurrent marijuana smokers (n=113)
Forms of current marijuana use
 Current smoker113 (100)
 Current vaper10 (8.8)
 Current edible user19 (16.8)
 Current dabber4 (3.5)
 Current topical user8 (7.1)
Combined tobacco and marijuana use
 Blunts10 (8.8)
 Spliffs2 (1.8)
 Other1 (0.9)
Forms of smoking (joint, pipe, bong, blunt and/or spliff)
 Only one form of smoking77 (68.1)
 Two forms of smoking29 (25.7)
 Three or more forms of smoking7 (6.2)
Frequency of smoking
 Smokes less than daily54 (47.8)
 Smokes daily59 (52.2)
Frequency of daily smoking
 Once a day11 (9.7)
 Two times per day14 (12.4)
 Three or more times per day34 (30.1)