Table 1

Calendar of study

Study stage D−7
(inclusion visit)
(randomisation visit)
D7 M1
(±7 days)
(±7 days)
(±15 days)
(±15 days)
(±15 days)
(±15 days)
Visits (C: centre; T: telephone call)CCCC (group A)TCTC
Inclusion/exclusion criteria appliedX
Inclusion and randomisationX
Disease history, medical history and associated treatmentsX
Scored using MADRS, Clinical Global Impression–Severity and Montreal Cognitive AssessmentXXXXX
EuroQol Five-Dimension questionnaireXXXXXXX
Group A (tDCS-TAU): initial round of tDCS sessions (5 days/week for 3 weeks)
Group A: additional rounds of tDCS in event of relapse (if patient responds well); total number of rounds is patient-dependent
tDCS acceptabilityX
Compliance (MARS and Brief Medication Questionnaire)XX
Adverse eventsXXXXXXX
Summary of depression treatments (pharmacological or other treatments)XXXXXXX
Health economic dataX*X†
  • *Microcosting with electronic case report form.

  • †Medical resource consumption per NHSD.

  • Dn , day; MADRS, Montgomery-Åsberg Depression Rating Scale; MARS, Medication Adherence Rating Scale; M n , month; NHSD, National Health System Database; TAU, treatment as usual; tDCS, transcranial direct current stimulation.