Table 3

Research team roles

ProfessionalRole in studyDescription of responsibilities
Senior anaesthetistMedical cover
  • Conduct medical screening.

  • Ensure participant safety throughout the study.

  • Inserting/removing radial arterial line.

  • Operating the hypoxicator equipment.

  • Taking ABG samples from arterial line.

Researcher 1Devices and time-stamping
  • Ensure correct positioning of all involved devices.

  • Ensure data is being recorded from all monitors.

  • Time-stamping of study activities and ABGs.

  • Troubleshoot any device-related issues throughout.

Researcher 2ABG processing
  • Collect and process the ABG.

  • Identify ABG report with correct activity (eg, tapping, tablet, 95%).

  • Discard the blood sample.

Researcher 3Participant activities and instructions
  • Explain activities to participants.

  • Giving instructions and guide participants through movement phase activities.

  • Respiratory rate manual count at ABG time points.

  • FiO2 manual record at ABG time points in the hypoxia phase.

Researcher 4Support/backup
  • Manually record the time ABGs are drawn.

  • Complement/assist any required activities.

  • Responsible for oversight and detection of any suboptimal activities/conditions.

EngineerData monitoring
  • Monitors procedures and real time data quality.

  • Double checks devices.

  • Ensures reliable data acquisition throughout.

  • ABG, arterial blood gas; FiO2, fraction of inspired oxygen.