Table 1

The summary table for each working group (WG)

Working groupsGoalsKey issues to addressExpected deliverables
Planning and Drug Selection WGTo recommend a selection process and criteria for prioritising RWE evaluations
  • Potential markers or signals for emerging drugs.

  • Policy issue around resource allocation and infrastructure for conducting RWE evaluations.

  • Criteria for selecting and prioritising RWE evaluation.

  • Policy framework for drug selection for RWE evaluation.

  • Prioritisation process for drug selection.

Data WGTo identify strategies for data access across provinces and harmonise data elements required for RWE studies
  • Determining data availability and accessibility of data on health or economic outcomes.

  • Recommendations on strategies to identify, access and harmonise the data elements required to undertake RWE projects in each province.

  • Report on provincial data availability and accessibility for cancer specific RWE evaluation.

  • Conduct RWE evaluations.

Methods WGTo recommend statistical methods to analyse real world data
  • Strengths and limitations of different analytical strategies.

  • Appropriate methods for measuring and estimating key variables (safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness).

  • Recommendations on statistical methods to conduct RWE evaluations.

  • Papers on conducting RWE evaluations.

Reassessment and Uptake WGTo make recommendation on a reassessment process and strategies for incorporating RWE results into policy decisions
  • How reassessment will be initiated and conducted.

  • Funding decision revision.

  • Development of policy framework for reassessment and funding decision.

  • Development of reassessment process.

  • Recommendation on strategies for the uptake of the RWE framework.

Engagement WGTo ensure that all key stakeholders are given a voice in the development and implementation of the RWE framework
  • Engagement of patient groups, clinician groups, industry and payers.

  • Collect and provide feedback from patient groups, clinician groups, industry and payers.

  • RWE, real-world evidence.