Table 1C

List of variables to be defined at the provider level

VariableDefinitionVariable assessment period
Unique provider ID (PRVDR_NUM)Identified by unique provider ID on the depression diagnosis claimAntidepressant index date3
Facility type/specialty (FAC_TYPE)Identify the facility type or specialty associated with the index prescriptionAntidepressant index date
Healthcare service type (AT_PHYSN_SPCLTY_CD)For each provider, identify the healthcare service type, for example, primary care physician, specialist, allied health provider, etcAntidepressant index date
Place of service (SRVC_LOC_NPI_NUM)For each provider, identify the place of service (eg, office, inpatient hospital, emergency room, etc)Antidepressant index date
Proportion receiving psychotherapy services(Total number of depression patients receiving psychotherapy services)/(Total cohort)Start to end of claims data
Proportion of racial/ethnic minority patients prescribed antidepressant by provider(Total number of Black, Hispanic, Asian or other racial/ethnic minority participants prescribed antidepressants)/(Total number of antidepressant users)Start to end of claims data