Table 1

Demographic characteristics of physicians (n=90)

Demographics n %
Professional qualification
 FM resident2628.9
 FM specialist1921.1
 FM consultant1213.3
Age (years)
 25 or younger33.3
 55 or older33.3
Previous nutrition education
 Completed a programme that did not contain any nutrition content1516.7
 Completed a programme that contained some nutrition content6471.1
 Completed a programme that was predominantly focused on nutrition1112.2
Previous engagement in continuing education in nutrition
Need for further nutrition education
 Strongly disagree44.4
 Neither agree nor disagree910.0
 Strongly agree3943.3
Frequency of providing nutrition care to patients over a given month
 Never (0%)910.0
 Rarely (1%–20%)2224.4
 Half the time (41%–60%)3336.7
 Often (61%–80%)1617.8
 Most of the time (81%–100%)1011.1
Average time spent on providing nutrition care during a routine visit
 Less than 1 min1112.2
 1 to less than 3 min4246.7
 3 to less than 5 min2325.6
 5 to less than 10 min1415.6
 10 min or over00.0
  • FM, family medicine; GP, general practitioner.