Table 1

Characteristics of available measurement challenge images and data

Country (where images were sourced)Study designNo case/controlsEthnic majorityMean age (SD)Mean BMI (SD)Image typeMammogram viewMachine manufacturer
Australia12 Nested Case/control464/463European62.9 (7.1)27.3 (5.4)PCC, MLOFuji, Hologic, Siemens
Malaysia13 Case/control202/202Chinese50.9 (11.5)23.4 (3.8)R, PCC, MLOHologic
UK14 Case/control403/683European62.1 (9.8)26.2 (5.4)R, PCCGE
USA15 Case/control398/398European55.1 (10.9)27.8 (6.3)R, PCC, MLOGE, Hologic
Scandinavia11 Nested Case/control183/183European59.7 (6.2)24.7 (3.4)PCC, MLOGE
Combined (all data)1650/1929European59.3 (10.2)26.2 (5.3)R, PCC, MLOGE, Hologic
  • CC, craniocaudal; GE, general electric; MLO, mediolateral-oblique; P, processed image; R, raw image.