Table 1

Professional figures under study

Qualifications according to the EHEA*Skills and professional profile (in Switzerland)
Medical practice assistants (MPAs)Higher vocational training of 3 years (not classified in the EHEA)MPAs work in primary care practices as practice assistants. Main tasks involve administrative organisation of the practice as well as simple clinical tasks such as blood sampling or vaccinations.
Registered nurses (RNs)First cycle qualification (bachelor’s degree)Nurses work in hospitals as well as outside in community care organisations. They are skilled in nursing and care of patients with diverse healthcare needs .
Advanced practice nurses (APNs)Second or third cycle qualification (master’s or doctorate’s degree)APNs often work in hospitals as well as primary care settings and are able to take over specific medical tasks such as clinical assessments and drug adjustments as well as the care of complex, multimorbid patients.
  • *According to the framework of qualifications for the European Higher Education Area.48

  • EHEA, European Higher Education Area.