Table 4

Clinical, organisational and consulting tasks of APNs, RNs and MPAs

RNs/MPAs (basic education)APNs (advanced education)
Vital signs, blood samplingAppointment arrangementSpecific instructions regarding diabetes type 2Clinical assessment (cardiocirculatory, respiratory, etc)Consultations in complex care situationsCoordination with home care institution (Spitex)
Follow-up consultation of diabetic patientsOrganisation of appointments with eye specialist, podiatrist or dieticianConsultation on how to use and take medication, importance of foot and eye controlFollow-up consultation of chronically ill patientsMedication consultationCoordination with nurses in old peoples or nursing homes
Wound control
Generic information about the disease and about disease management
Wound control (complex cases)Symptom management and dealing with the disease
Coordination with GP in the practice, task division
Adjustments of drugs (with limitations)
  • APNs, advanced practice nurses; GP, general practitioner; MPAs, medical practice assistants; RNs, registered nurses.